SPORT 2000 (retail)

SPORT 2000 team sports retailer launches group-app in the market

The goal

SPORT 2000 is one of the largest sports retail groups in Austria. The goal was to develop a universal app for all SPORT 2000 dealers, which strengthens the brand and enables a simple communication with customers.

The solution

The SPORT 2000 app, powered by hello again, helps customers to remember the brand name. The majority of the clients use their smartphone for several hours every day. Therefore, the Sport 2000 icon on their screen benefits the company with strong branding. The individual dealers are also featured in the app with their locations, and they can reach their customers directly. The advantage of a common app for many SPORT 2000 retailers is not only the improved brand awareness, but also a unique value for their customers. They can collect points from different retailers with different products according to their needs, which are credited to their account. Furthermore, all current catalogues, the online shop, promotions and competitions as well as news are integrated into the app. The customer has a central platform that merges all the essential channels.

Sport 2000

It was important for us to strengthen both the SPORT 2000 brand and the local dealers. A common app, from hello again, for all team sports dealers has made this possible. Our logo on the smartphones of our customers ensures that we always stay in the back of our customers' heads and that the clients then visit their local dealer.

Thomas Klein, Category Management Outdoor & Multisport

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